Bath Chronicle teams up with local college

The Bath Chronicle has teamed up with City of Bath College to showcase the work of young journalists in the region.

Once a month the Chronicle will devote a page of news to writers from the college’s online student magazine Bladud.

The venture aims to raise student writers’ profiles and attract a younger readership for the paper.

Bladud focuses on features and stories about upcoming artists, filmmakers and musicians and takes its name from the myth of King Bladud, who is said to be one of the founders of Bath.

The student writers will submit a range of stories to the Chronicle from theatre reviews to articles on current affairs.

Bladud was launched in 2009 by students from the College’s Tempa department for technology, entertainment, media, music and performing arts.

Darren Rogers, Head of Tempa at City of Bath College, said: ‘Bladud is not all about the writing; it’s about young people being heard and shown to be contributing to the local culture and community.

‘Bladud is unique as the only online magazine that is written by, and aimed at, young people in the local creative arts, performance and media scene.

‘We already have a strong online following, but we are delighted to have the opportunity to form a partnership with a well-respected, established local newspaper like The Bath Chronicle. The Chronicle will help Bladud to reach a new, wider audience and further raise the profile of our talented students.”

Sam Holliday, Editor of the Bath Chronicle, said: ‘We are delighted to be working with the enthusiastic team at Bladud and to be able to offer an opportunity for aspiring young writers and designers to see their work in print.

‘We feel this will be an exciting chance for the Bladud team to broaden their repertoire and it will also be great for Chronicle readers to enjoy something fresh and challenging as part of our superb leisure section.’

Click here to visit Bladud

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