Advertising and commercial partnerships with Press Gazette

Press Gazette reaches a uniquely well-targeted audience of decision-makers in publishing and media companies worldwide.

We reach around 500,000 unique browsers per month and offer a full range of partnership options.

Our flagship Lead Monitor content partnership enables our clients to create educational, thought-leading original content to drive better engagement with their target audience.

We can also offer sponsored editorial features and paid-for presence on our Twitter feed (70,000+ followers) and on our daily email newsletter (10,000+ opt-in subscribers).

Our big annual event is the British Journalism Awards, a unique gathering of the leading figures across print, broadcasting and online journalism.

We will also be launching the international version of this event in 2021 as well as smaller more tech and platform-focussed live and virtual events with our partners.

For all thought leadership, content and market solution enquiries contact:

To enquire about becoming commercial partner to the British Journalism Awards contact:

  • Kalpesh Vadher
  •  0207 406 6738