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The 61 arrested UK journalists: Table with details of those charged, cleared and still on bail

Some 27 UK journalists have now been charged with criminal offences as a result of police investigations into phone-hacking and allegedly illegal payments to public officials.

At least 61 UK journalists have been arrested since April 2011 (not including News of the World private investigator Glenn Mulcaire and Rebekah Brooks' PA Cheryl Carter). Other arrested newspaper employees not included in this list include former News of the World lawyer Tom Crone, four News International security staff and a chauffeur.

Together, the three main police operations stemming from the News of the World hacking scandal are said to represent the biggest investigation in UK criminal history.

The table below lists all the confirmed journalist arrests so far and their current status. The police inquiries are: Elveden (payments to public officials), Weeting (voicemail interception), Tuleta (computer hacking) and Rubicon (investigations surrounding the Tommy Sheridan perjury trial).

The vast majority of journalists arrested so far (where their publication is known) are from News UK titles: News of the World (23), The Sun (23) and The Times (2).

Other arrested journalists are from the Sunday People (3) Sunday Mirror (2), Daily Mirror (1), Daily Star Sunday (1) Press Association (1 – now cleared) and one freelance (also cleared). 

So far 12 arrested journalists have been cleared and 23 remain on police bail (most of these have been on bail for more than a year). Some 27 journalists have been charged in total but the case against The Sun's Virginia Wheeler was dropped on health grounds*.

Those journalists who have been charged under one inquiry, but also arrested under others, are only listed for the inquiry where they have been charged to avoid the risk of contempt of court.

Story last updated on 30 September 2013

More details of the 61 arrested UK journalists, with full arrest and charge information here.

UK journalists arrested since April 2011 (listed by publication):


Name of journalist Title Elveden Weeting Tuleta Rubicon
Raoul Simons Times   Cleared    
Patrick Foster Times     On bail  
Duncan Larcombe The Sun Charged      
Ben O'Driscoll The Sun Charged      
Virginia Wheeler The Sun Charged      
Vince Soodin The Sun Charged      
Rhodri Phillips The Sun     Cleared  
Nick Parker The Sun Charged      
Neil Millard The Sun On bail      
Mike Sullivan The Sun Cleared      
John Troup The Sun Charged      
John Sturgis The Sun Cleared      
John Kay The Sun Charged      
John Edwards The Sun Charged      
Jamie Pyatt The Sun Charged      
Graham Dudman The Sun Charged      
Geoff Webster The Sun Charged      
Fergus Shanahan The Sun Charged      
Clodagh Hartley The Sun Charged      
Chris Pharo The Sun Charged      
Anthony France The Sun On bail      
51-year-old male The Sun On bail      
32-year-old female The Sun On bail      
Chris Pollard The Sun     Cleared  
Chris Ashford The Sun     Charged  
Tom Savage Star Charged      
Nick Buckley People   On bail    
Mark Thomas People   On bail    
James Scott People   On bail    
Laura Elston PA   Cleared    
Stuart Kuttner NoW   Charged    
Ross Hall NoW   Cleared    
Rebekah Brooks NoW   Charged    
Neville Thurlbeck NoW   Charged    
Neil Wallis NoW   Cleared    
Lucy Panton NoW Charged      
James Weatherup NoW   Charged    
James Desborough NoW   Cleared    
Ian Edmondson NoW   Charged    
Greg Miskiw NoW   Charged    
Douglas Wright NoW       On bail
Dan Evans NoW   Charged    
Clive Goodman NoW Charged      
Bob Bird NoW       On bail
Bethany Usher NoW   Cleared    
Andy Coulson NoW   Charged    
Alex Marunchak NoW     On bail  
46-year-old male NoW   On bail    
45-year-old male NoW   On bail    
40-year-old female NoW   On bail    
39-year-old male NoW   On bail    
39-year-old female NoW   On bail    
33-year-old female NoW   On bail    
Tina Weaver Mirror   On bail    
Justin Penrose Mirror Cleared      
Greig Box-Turnbull Mirror Charged      
Tenia Taras F/lance   Cleared    
43-year-old male F/lance On bail      
43-year-old male ? On bail      
38-year-old male ? On bail      
37-year-old male ?     On bail  

Author: Dominic Ponsford

Dominic Ponsford is the editor of Press Gazette


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  1. I was arrested and served with an Asbo for ten years whilst a member of the NUJ and only had the asbo quashed when Bindman and Partners appealed on October 18 2012 to the High cOURT AND won their case CP

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