Serial litigant Jonathan Ross did not break the law

News International legal boss Tom Crone makes a good point in The Sun today (he can write as well it seems) – about the Ross/Brand furore.

He points out that Jonathan Ross is a “serial litigant” who is the first person to run to his lawyer Keith Schilling when he feel his privacy is being infringed.

He says:

It’s interesting someone who hates kiss ‘n tells should egg Brand on by shouting: ‘He f****d your granddaughter.”

He suggests Ross should consult is lawyers on what privacy and harrassment means.

But I think it is stretching things to suggest Ross has commmitted an actionable breach of privacy with his kiss and tell revelation about Brand’s liason with Andrew Sachs’ grand-daughter.

As a member of a Burlesque group called the Satanic Sluts, Georgina Baillie hardly had a reputation for being as pure as the driven snow before the broadcast.  The Sluts describe themselves as”four of the sexiest depraved London jezebels” after all.

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