Former Time Inc editor-in-chief Mark Frith named as the new editor of Radio Times

Former editor-in-chief of Time Inc Mark Frith has been named as the new editor of Radio Times.

He has the job title editorial director and takes over from Ben Preston who has left to join The Sunday Times as executive editor.

Frith is a former editor of Time Out, Look and Heat and currently editors Now. He became editor of Smash Hits magazine in 1994 aged 23.

Frith said: “As a reader, it’s been thrilling to see Radio Times hit new heights at Immediate Media. To then be handed the reins –  and the opportunity to work with such an outstanding editorial team – is a dream come true.”

Kathy Day, managing director of Radio Times, said: “Mark’s passion for television and radio and a clear vision for Radio Times stood out throughout the recruitment process.”

Radio Times is the third best-selling UK magazine (after TV Choice and What’s On TV) with average weekly sales of 684,922 in the second half of last year (down 6.5 per cent year on year).

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