Perfect Pitch: New Scientist

New Scientist
Science and technology news.
Frequency: Weekly

Pitch to: Selection of feature editors with own specialist fields. Best to email Nick Christensen.

Topics: Most topics in popular science. The best way to get a feel of the content is to read the magazine. The main questions to ask are: why would this article be interesting to New Scientist, and why would it be interesting now?

How to pitch: Best by email. A short synopsis of 400-500 words of the article should be sent. What will impress: We tend not to cover old news. It is also a good idea to search our archives to see whether the topic has been written about recently in New Scientist.

What won’t impress: We do not generally revisit topics we have written about unless there are developments which we feel are worth mentioning.

Rate: Agreed individually with the editors but they start from £0.33pw as an academic rate.

Images: We have an art department that commissions pictures and illustrations for the majority of the magazine content. There are occasions where writers can supply the images if they write about specific subjects for which pictures would be difficult to source.

Nick Christensen, editorial assistant

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