How to pitch to: Chat

Pitch to:

Me, the features editor: devinder_bains@ipcmedia.com or deputy features editor ben_gelblum@ipcmedia.com

Type of article:

Real-life, real-life and more real-life! Once and for all we don’t do celebs! Give us stories that will make us laugh, cry or leave us shocked. Give us pictures that will make us throw up or well up.  


Murder cases, miracle babies, juicy love rats, one-tonne boyfriends, psychic pussies, aliens stealing body parts and, of course, anything to do with Elvis.

How to pitch

E-mail us with 200-word tasters that are short and sweet. Add bizarre, jaw-dropping headlines and pictures, and always make sure that all the legals are checked out.


If we like the story we’ll get back to you pretty quickly with some questions or offers of wealth. If we haven’t but you’re sure the story’s a winner, pick up the phone and call us. 

What will impress:

A psychic hedgehog would make our day 

What won’t impress:

People who don’t read the magazine… I repeat, we don’t do celeb stories! We don’t take very kindly to 2,000-word tasters either.


We discuss each story individually and it’s fair to say that we offer very competitive rates. If it’s a really great story we’ll send you pizza too.


No, but it helps if they can advise us if collects and court pictures are available.

Any other info?

It’s believed that freelances who pitch to Chat before offering this stuff to other mags live at least 10 years longer than those who don’t.

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