News mag ABCs: The Week Junior grows by a fifth as Private Eye and New Statesman sales up

News mag ABCs: The Week Junior grows by a fifth as Private Eye and New Statesman sales up

Children’s news magazine The Week Junior grew its circulation by a fifth as the New Statesman and Private Eye bucked industry trends to boost UK sales in the second half of 2019.

The Week Junior, published by Dennis Publishing, grew by 19 per cent year-on-year to 69,200 between July and December, new ABC figures show.

Its sister title The Week fell by six per cent to 135,204.

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Anna Bassi, editor-in-chief of the children’s title, said: “Our fantastic ABC results clearly demonstrate that the editorial team’s absolute dedication to providing children with a truly engaging, trustworthy and age-appropriate read, really works.

“In a sector that continues to be dominated by big entertainment brands and plastic covermounts, The Week Junior proves time and time again that outstanding editorial content is way more inspiring and covetable than gimmicks or famous faces.”

The team behind the fortnightly Private Eye were celebrating a “stonking” UK circulation of 227,630, and a worldwide total of 240,505, after both figures grew by three per cent.

The magazine tweeted: “Thank you to every single one of our readers and subscribers – did we mention there are 204,505 of you? – for helping to keep us going so successfully in a supposedly all-digital, all-free world. We are very, very grateful.”

Weekly news and culture title the New Statesman had a boost of seven per cent year-on-year to an average circulation of 32,731.

Monthly title Money Observer saw the biggest year-on-year circulation drop, falling 27 per cent to 12,020.

UK news magazine circulations for the six months to the end of December 2019 (except where otherwise shown) via ABC:

Publication No. of issues in period UK and RoI ABC total Year-on-year % change Free copies
Private Eye 13 227,630 3%
The Economist 25 158,402 -2% 78,800
The Week 26 135,204 -6% 3,405
The Spectator 25 72,148 -21% 6,343
The Week Junior 26 69,200 19% 3,771
New Scientist 51 65,162 1% 49
BBC History Magazine 13 62,461 -4%
The Oldie 6 44,190 3% 1,007
Prospect 5 39,290 0% 12,225
MoneyWeek 26 35,449 -5% 5,610
New Statesman 49 32,731 7% 9,996
BBC Sky at Night 12 15,615 -11%
What Franchise 6 12,563 -6% 12,477
Money Observer 12 12,020 -27% 265
Moneywise 12 8,544 -15% 10



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  1. There’s a contradiction in this piece.
    Intro says Economist has bucked industry trends and boosted circulation.
    The ABC stats show decrease of 2 per cent.
    Which is it?

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