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Life after death for Psychic News

Britain’s oldest Spiritualist newspaper, the Psychic News, has come back from the dead under new ownership following its closure in July 2010.

The publisher Psychic Press Ltd was bought by the JV Trust in October this year and the first new issue, or issue 4,067 if counted since the newspaper’s first launch in 1932, is now out.

Formerly a weekly, Psychic News is now on sale every fortnight at Spiritualist churches and newsagents. Psychic News will also be available as an online magazine, with the first issue available for free.

The paper deals with spiritual, supernatural and paranormal issues; one article by co-founder Hannen Swaffer detailed an allaged conversation with the spirit of press baron Lord Northcliffe.

‘When Psychic News was launched 80 years ago, there was very little information about Spiritualism in the mainstream media so it fulfilled a great need,’said Susan Farrow, editor and managing director of the new company.

‘Today, it’s difficult to find a newspaper, magazine or TV channel that doesn’t feature Spiritualism in some form on a regular basis. That, inevitably, had an impact on our sales, though I have to say that many of the mainstream media stories – particularly about celebrities – are astonishing for their lack of credibility or critical assessment.”


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  1. Could please let me know, via email, when the Psychic News will be available to order over the internet? Will it be sent in the post, I hope so.
    I always read the Psychic News years ago and love the fact you are bringing it back.
    I prefer a paper version as it brings me ‘closer’ to the articles and the writers.
    Thank you.

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