BBC proposal to cap redundancy payments at £75,000


The BBC is proposing a cap of £75,000 on redundancy payouts as part of plans to save company spending by 20 per cent, the Daily Telegraph reports.

The move comes after revelations that deputy director-general, Mark Byford, was paid a redundancy package of £949,000 in June when he left the company after 32 years at the BBC.

The Telegraph’s reports that if plans go ahead, no BBC employee will receive a redundancy payment of more than £75,000 or one year’s salary, whichever is greater.

The plans come from a draft copy of the company’s Executive and senior manager pay strategy, which notes that: ‘Ideally, fewer of our senior managers would only have worked at the BBC,’and that the BBC’s senior managers make up a ‘relatively immobile… group.”

Foster writes that the document, composed by current director-general Mark Thompson, and director of business operations, Lucy Adams, also reveals that 63 per cent of senior managers have worked at the corporation for at least 10 years.

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