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Waitrose food mag celebrates 100th issue

Will Sitwell said that the title now competes with newsstand titles such as Olive and Delicious for stories and retains its ‘journalistic integrity’despite being subject to the editorial demands of a supermarket.

‘We have great journalists writing for Food Illustrated and chase the same stories as the other food titles,’said Sitwell.

The Waitrose contract title is unusual in that it goes out automatically to Waitrose account holders but is also available on the newsstand, priced £2.50.

It has a circulation of 315,211, of which 5,933 are actively purchased.

The magazine, which celebrates its 100th issue this month, started as Food Illustrated in 1988 by John Brown and was rebranded with the supermarket tag a year later.

‘Customer magazines are currently the most creative there is,’said Sitwell. ‘They are taking risks creatively in a way that consumer titles just aren’t.”

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