UK newspaper and website readership 2018: Latest Pamco figures

Pamco figures show 25m reading a UK newspaper (or its website) every day

The Sun remains Britain’s most-read news brand, according to the latest figures for UK newspaper and website readership in 2018 released by Pamco (formerly the National Readership Survey).

The Sun print titles and associated websites reported a monthly reach of 29.286m – a whisker ahead of the Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday and Mail Online which had a combined monthly reach of 29.280m.

The figures are based on survey data for the year of 2018 combined with website readership data for November 2018 provided by Comscore.

The quarterly release provides an estimate of each newsbrand’s monthly readership reach in print and across various digital devices in the UK.

Free title Metro is estimated to be the most-read print newspaper in the UK with a monthly reach of 9.5m people.

The Pamco figures suggest that The Guardian/Observer and are winning the readership race at the “quality” end of the newspaper market with 25.2m readers a month.

The survey suggests that three years after the closure of The Independent’s print edition, the brand is still a force to be reckoned with – reaching 22m people a month, just fractionally behind the Telegraph on 22.7m.

Pamco stands for Publishers’ Audience Measurement Company and is a body created and run by news publishers and the advertising industry.

Pamco said that Newsbrands’ digital readership is up 12 per cent year-on-year.

National newspaper marketing body Newsworks said: “Given the current news agenda, this growth shows that people are continuing to turn to established news sources and professional journalists to make sense of the world around them.”

Pamco said the figures show that 25m people are reading a newsbrand every day and 44.5m people a week.

They said this compares to Facebook and Google’s total UK weekly reach of 38m and 38.5m respectively.

UK newspaper and website readership 2018 (source: Pamco)

GB Adults 15+ Monthly reach
Total reach Phone Tablet Desktop Print
Sun titles and websites 29,286 21,174 3,209 3,210 8,250
The Mail titles and website 29,280 19,841 3,134 5,123 7,821
The Guardian/Observer and website 25,210 16,920 2,860 8,179 3,476
Mirror titles and website 23,963 17,904 2,305 2,963 4,246
The Telegraph titles and website 22,741 14,988 2,814 5,970 3,303
Independent website 21,994 16,913 2,441 5,154
Metro and website 20,916 12,172 1,511 1,928 9,500
Express titles and websites 17,827 10,964 2,503 4,973 2,157
Evening Standard and website 16,042 11,311 1,429 2,183 4,225
The National – print only 8,560 8,560
The Times titles and websites 8,038 2,706 623 1,174 4,752
Daily Star titles and website 7,530 4,482 785 1,209 1,839
Daily Record/Sunday Mail and website 4,446 3,047 338 505 955
The Scotsman titles and website 2,398 1,617 252 397 287
The Yorkshire Post  and website 1,334 796 128 208 274
The Herald titles and website 1,001 470 99 211 287
The Press and Journal and website 720 403 76 115 171
The Courier and website 609 310 62 117 172
Sunday Post and website 549 117 17 27 395

Author: Dominic Ponsford

Dominic Ponsford is the editor of Press Gazette


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