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Times2 revived eight months after it was killed off

The Times has revived its Times2 features supplement – eight months after it was scrapped.

Times2 was originally launched in 2005 with a magazine-style feel mainly aimed at female readers. And the restored section continues in that tradition.

The Times makes light of the change of heart in the page two leader column today stating: ‘Regrets? As Sinatra said, we’ve had a few. So we did what we had to do.

‘We were – as Eric Morecambe famously told Andre Previn – playing all the right notes, but not necessarily in the order that pleased our readers.

‘Everyone has second thoughts; likes a second chance; benefits from a second opinion; get’s a second wind. It’s second nature. And what tastier dish is their to any diner than seconds? We hope you enjoy the feast.”

And in a letter to the readers on page three, editor James Harding says: “Many of you wrote to say how sorely you missed the second section. Letters came in saying how much you loved The Times’s disctinctive run of features. It was clear how deeply you shared Times2’s passions…

“Most of all you missed having a paper that you could share: The Times, in two parts – or, as one person put it, two papers for the price of one….And, over the past few months we have been working on a proper reply. Today’s paper is it.”