Tasty Coren is back on the menu for web admirers

Good news for food writer and former Times diary editor Giles “porn” Coren: His recent appearance in the BBC2 series Supersizers has won him a big online following. Bad news for strictly straight Giles: They are  gay websites.

First off the mark was homofactual.com, which in a section called “Hot Stuff”, has a chap called Andrew declaring: “Unlikely I know, but our Potential New Boyfriend has been getting us all hot and bothered on Supersizers… Sexy little fucker.” Andrew then kindly uploaded a series of photos of Coren, including one of him baring his midriff while playing tennis.

Meanwhile over at Famous Male Forums (fmforums.co.uk), one finds a selection of admirers declaring their, er lust, for the brother of poker-playing ex-porn movie producer Victoria. “It’s unexpected but I fancy the fuck out of this guy,” says owenaj.

Axegrinder certainly hopes Coren comes across these admirers next time he is surfing in search of online entertainment.

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