Stephanie Flanders returns to journalism to head up new Bloomberg economics unit

Former BBC economics editor Stephanie Flanders has returned to journalism and will head up a new economics unit run by financial news agency Bloomberg.

Morgan left the BBC in 2013 to work for  JP Morgan Asset Management as chief markets strategist for UK and Europe.

Bloomberg provides specialist financial information to more than 300,000 subscribers worldwide through a network of terminals which include a bespoke keyboard with its own function keys linking to various types of content.

Bloomberg editor in chief John Micklethwait said: “Economics sits at the heart of so much of what we do in editorial and research.

“It is one of the six pillars of our newsroom – and also a key part of our research offering. We break a lot of economics news and provide a lot of interesting analysis.

“ECO is one of the most-used functions on the terminal. But at the moment we have some elements of duplication and I am convinced that our clients can get more value from all we can offer.

“As the world’s best source of clever coverage of business and finance, we must lead the way on economics – on the terminal and beyond.

“We believe that we can provide a better product if our BI economists and our economics journalists in BN belong to one unified team. So in October we will bring them together into one unit called Bloomberg Economics.”

Flanders studied at Oxford and Harvard and has worked for the Financial Times, New York Times and US Treasury as well as the BBC.

Dan Moss, who has led a team of 100 reporting on economics for Bloomberg, is to take a new role involved in commentary and analysis.

Flanders said: “I’ve learned a huge amount at JP Morgan. But I’ve always wanted not just to understand the global economy, but to explain it to others. When Bloomberg’s Editor in Chief asks you to help build and lead the most powerful engine of economic analysis and reporting in the world, you don’t say no.”


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