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Sponsored feature: theEword, Put social media in safe hands

The image 'http://content.screencast.com/users/DominicPonsford/folders/Jing/media/4d440aaf-2219-4de9-930b-97c57b94a98f/e_word.png'cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Daniel Nolan, managing editor of theEword, explains why his agency is at the cutting edge of helping companies to capitalise on social media.

Social media has invariably changed the way businesses market their products and services. It provides a direct line between companies and consumers; an opportunity to speak instantaneously with millions of current and prospective customers, not to mention influential business leaders, managing directors and other decision-makers.

An increasing number of businesses are now aware of the potential benefits that an active social media presence can provide. The medium gives organisations a cost-effective (far less costly than traditional advertising strands) way to broadcast information about their products, services and brand.

Indeed, the benefits of a pro-active social media campaign have been well documented, with international brands such as Dell, Starbucks and O2 all turning profits from their efforts on social channels including
Twitter and Facebook, while publications like the Guardian continue to use the medium to great effect, increasing follower numbers and, by extension, readership almost daily.

Social media is not, however, a catch-all answer to digital marketing. Its use should be part of an overall online strategy comprising multiple strands: search engine optimisation and pay per click marketing being the most important.

This ‘insulation’ of your digital campaign allows not only the different channels to complement each other in achieving trackable results, but also adds an element of extra security should one of them, for reasons outside your control, begin to falter.

In addition, a social media campaign must be fluid and forward-thinking. Popular sites and channels are dictated by consumers and while Facebook and Twitter are in the ascension now, the nature of social means there may be a new opportunity just around the corner – businesses must ensure they are ready to capitalise when it arrives.

The task of managing the fine balance that’s needed between different digital marketing strands can seem daunting to some, which is why many businesses choose to employ experts to handle their social media,
SEO and PPC accounts.

Over the past three years, theEword has been at the cutting edge of the social media revolution, using the medium alongside more established digital channels such as SEO and PPC to deliver millions of pounds
in revenue for its clients.

If you’re looking to make the leap into social media, SEO or PPC, you need an agency with a proven track record of delivering results via the channels.

theEword offers not just that, but also the opportunity to enjoy a collaborative, transparent working relationship with one of the UK’s best digital agencies.

Entrust your social media activity to safe hands: call us today.


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