Slight dip sees Mail Online stay top with 64m browsers

Mail Online was again the most popular national newspaper website in the UK in March with 63,757,237 unique browsers, according to ABC.

The Mirror Group was one of the best performers last month after witnessing a 51.2 per cent year-on-year surge in monthly web traffic in April. The number of monthly unique users rose to 14,108,330 in April.

Mail Online again saw the biggest rise in year-on-year monthly users with a 57.4 per cent hike in web traffic. In month-on-month terms, however, the figures was down on its March high of 65,997,230.

The Independent also saw a 30.2 per cent year on year rise in monthly users to 12,852,508, while the Telegraph was up 27 per cent to 1,932,618.

The Metro and the Evening Standard no longer appear to be audited for either daily or monthly online figures and are not included in the latest ABC results.

The Guardian’s total browsers figure was was up 31 per cent to 2,407,265, but it has stopped being audited for monthly figures.

A Guardian News & Media spokesperson said: “We have for some time focused on reporting our daily average unique browsers measure, which the industry agrees is the most useful, robust and transparent way to monitor web traffic.

‘To reflect this focus we will continue to audit and report our daily average unique browser figures on a monthly basis whilst reducing the frequency with which we audit monthly unique browsers on to once every other month.”

Full breakdown of UK national newspaper website ‘unique browsers’ for April 2011, according to ABC:

Mail Online – Daily total: 3,596,040; monthly total: 63,753,237; daily total up 52 per cent year on year; monthly total up 57.4 per cent year on year

Guardian – Daily total: 2,407,265; monthly total: n/a; daily total up 31 per cent year on year; n/a

Telegraph – Daily total: 1,932,618; monthly total: 38,402,509; daily total up 22.1 per cent year on year; monthly total up 27 per cent year on year

Mirror Group Digital – Daily total: 631,100; monthly total: 14,108,330; daily total up 42.9 per cent year on year; monthly total up 51.2 per cent year on year

Independent – Daily total: 586,070; monthly total: 12,852,508; daily total up 28.7 per cent year on year; monthly total up 30.2 per cent year on year

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