Sky News shuffles senior correspondents Waghorn, Stone, Stallard and Nisbet

Sky News has made four senior editorial appointments to its foreign and domestic teams.

Dominic Waghorn, who became the broadcaster’s US correspondent in 2011 following his role as Middle East correspondent in late 2006, now becomes diplomatic editor.

Waghorn was named Television Journalist of the Year by the Royal Television Society in 2007 for his work in China as Sky’s Asia correspondent.

Mark Stone, who was Asia correspondent for three years and received an RTS Award nomination in 2014, will be sent to Brussels in his new role as Europe correspondent.

Moscow correspondent Katie Stallard replaces Stone as Asia correspondent in Beijing, having worked as media and technology correspondent from March 2012 and January 2013.

In the UK, Europe correspondent Robert Nisbet (pictured) has been moved to UK politics, covering Anushka Asthana’s maternity leave.

Sky News director of newsgathering Jonathan Levy said: “Dominic, Mark, Katie and Robert are first class journalists who'll bring a huge amount of expertise and journalistic endeavour to their new roles, offering our customers the very best analysis from their respective beats”.

The foreign appointments will be effective from August and September and Nisbet will start in September.


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  1. FAO Mark Stone, European Editor
    Hi Mark,
    I cannot understand why migrants from West Africa make their way to Libya to cross to Italy (approx. 300 miles sea crossing), when the crossing to Spain is only 10 miles across the Strait of Gibralter. Over the last few years, Spain does not seem to have had an immigration problem. The EU ministers, meeting to thrash out a solution to immigration problems, only need to phone the Spanish Immigration minister to find out the answer to the problem.
    Am I being ridiculously simplistic?

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