NUJ subscription prices to rise

The NUJ is increasing membership fees by between 8p and 15p a week.

Lay delegates to the NUJ’s annual conference last November took the decision and the rise for NUJ members will come into force on 1March.

General-Secretary Jeremy Dear, said: “Nobody likes an increase in subscriptions but this small increase is unavoidable if we are to keep the union financially healthy.

“We’ve worked hard to reduce running costs, and our staff volunteered to seek no pay rise as a much-appreciated contribution to the secure running of the NUJ, so that it can continue to help and support those fighting for jobs, defending their terms and conditions and advancing journalistic standards.”

It is the first time there has been an increase in NUJ subs for two years.

The NUJ has 37,700 members of which 28,600 are paying members.

The new subscription charges (annually) are as follows:

  • Grade one (local newspapers)- £150 to £154.16
  • Grade two (freelance) – £189 to £195.24
  • Grade (national newspapers and broadcasters) – £260 to £267.80

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