Natmags closes Jellyfish

Natmags has closed the second phase of its digital magazine experiment, Jellyfish.

The title was originally conceived as a sister title to teen monthly Cosmogirl! but was renosed last month after the latter’s closure last month.

The second phase of development was meant to see Jellyfish as a digital companion to Cosmo, targeting an older age group of 18-25 year old women. Natmags have now said that Jellyfish will not proceed to launch following the completion of the test phase this week.

In a statement, Natmags said that during the 20 week trial distribution challenges were difficult to overcome and that the company could ‘not see a sustainable business model emerging”.

The company said it hoped to find the Jellyfish staff alternative roles within the company. Jellyfish had an editorial team of seven, led by former Cosmogirl! editor Celia Duncan.

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