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Mail Online stays top with 11m daily browsers: Newspaper website ABC figures for May

Every national newspaper website which had figures available showed strong year on year growth in May.

Mail Online remains by far the most popular, with just over 11m daily browsers per day. The site best ever month was in January this year when it reached some 11.8m global browsers per day according to ABC.

Mail Online had some 4.7m unique browsers per day in the UK in last month, with 6.3m coming to the site from the rest of the world.

Metro was the fastest growing newspaper website audited by ABC, up 204 per cent year on year to 1.2m browsers per day. Free daily newspaper Metro announced at the beginning of March that it would be merging its website with Mail Online (both our part of Daily Mail and General Trust), but it has yet to do so.

The Mirror was the second fastest growing national newspaper website, up 97.5 per cent year on year to an average of 2.5m unique browsers per day. It has capitalised on the fact that since last August its main rival, The Sun, has been behind a paywall.

ABC records ‘unique browsers’, so different devices accessing a website rather than people. This means the same person could be counted more than once if they visit a site on their home computer, work computer and mobile phone.

Title Avg unique browsers m/m % change y/y % change
MailOnline 11,000,163 0.79 33.59 5,459,002 -0.06 17.01
Telegraph 3,222,009 -1.69 12.9
Mirror Group Nationals 2,450,757 -2.73 97.5
The Independent 1,648,008 3.27 36.9
Metro 1,224,115 18.09 203.5 567,059 17.73 473,465 33.88  
Manchester Evening News 269,764 4.95 253,331 7.03 25.1
Liverpool Echo 217,527 6.14  
Wales Online 175,747    
Birmingham Mail 113,125 -2.15  
Newcastle Chronicle 111,223 17.6  
Teesside Evening Gazette 45,206    
Coventry Telegraph 43,787    



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Author: Dominic Ponsford

Dominic Ponsford is the editor of Press Gazette