Magazine ABCs: Women's weeklies continue to surge

The weekly market continued to surge as Look debuted with an ABC of over 300,000 and Grazia continued its success story on the newsstand.

IPC’s Look debuted at 318,907 while Emap’s Grazia continued to show sales growth up 25.6 per cent year on year to 220,125. More (currently fortnightly) is another Emap title set to go weekly from September, it fell 4.5 per cent year on year to 260,331 sales.

In the twenty-something monthlies, Glamour experienced its first ABC decline, down 7.1 per cent year on year to 544,653 but remained the top selling women’s monthly. Both Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan managed to steady their sales with Natmags’ Cosmopolitan up 1.9 per cent and Marie Claire up 0.5 per cent year on year.

The largest year on year growth was experienced by IPC’s Essentials, up 34.9 per cent to 100, 047. Emap’s NW (New Woman) almost halved its circulation, down 45.3 per cent year on year to 126,805 copies.

In the mature women’s market Natmags’ Good Housekeeping retained the top spot, with a circulation figure of 435,238, down 1.3 per cent year on year. Emap’s Yours was down 14 per cent to 344,438. IPC’s Woman & Home was down 1.5 per cent to 320,934.

In the thirty-somethings battle, Red was up 1.4 per cent to remain the best selling title in the sector at 225,053. Sister Hachette title Psychologies continued to show strong growth, up 25 per cent year on year to 130,101. Haymarket’s Eve was down 4.7 per cent to 163,415.

In the fashion stakes, grande dame Vogue held its own with a figure of 220,084, up 1.8 per cent year on year. Elle was down 2.6 per cent and InStyle down 9.3 per cent to 178,699. Harpers Bazaar, subject to a recent relaunch by Natmags, was steady at 105,834.

20+ monthlies:

Glamour 544,653 -7.1 per cent
Cosmopolitan 450,952 +1.9 per cent
Marie Claire 332,705 +0.5 per cent
Company 264,494 –3.8 per cent
NW 126,805 –45.3 per cent

30+ monthlies

Red 225,053 +1.4 per cent

She 169,112 +15.8 per cent
Eve 163,415 –4.7 per cent
Psychologies 130,101 +25 per cent
Essentials 100,047 +34.9 per cent

40+ monthlies

Good Housekeeping 435,238 –1.3 per cent
Yours 344,438 –14 per cent
Woman & Home 320,934 –1.3 per cent
Candis 302,377 +0.4 per cent
Prima 300,025 –6.7 per cent
Easy Living 200,021 0.0 per cent

Non monthlies:

Look 318,907 N/A (weekly)
More 260,331 –4.3 per cent (fortnightly)
Grazia 220,125 +25.6 per cent (weekly)

Fashion monthlies:

Vogue 220,084 +1.8 per cent
Elle 203,302 –2.6 per cent
InStyle 178,699 –9.3 per cent
Harpers Bazaar 1.5,834 +0.3 per cent

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