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Journalists ‘disappointed’ Independent not releasing gender pay gap figures

Journalists at The Independent have said they are disappointed to learn that the newsbrand is the only national news title that will not release its gender pay gap figures ahead of tonight’s midnight deadline.

The news website said it is not legally required to release its gender pay and bonus gap figures because it was “significantly below” the threshold number of 250 employees as of the snapshot date of 5 April 2017.

Some employees were hoping the figures would nonetheless be released for the sake of transparency, but Press Gazette has been told that they will not be published.

Three newsroom sources, who all asked to remain anonymous, described staff as “very demoralised” and “disappointed” with the decision.

“I’m feeling very sore about it,” said one source.

“I think we’re making ourselves look like fools and utter hypocrites, especially given all the work we do reporting on gender pay gaps elsewhere and how we make out like we’re so pro equality.”

The Independent has published 18 stories relating specifically to the gender pay gap in just over two weeks since 19 March.

They added: “I’m very disappointed that they won’t be released – not only does it make it look like we have something to hide, but it’s a slap in the face to all the female staff eagerly awaiting the news.

“The feeling among staff is very demoralised. We’ve all been talking about this for months.

“From my own perspective, I think this is asking for trouble. The Indy is going to get found out and it’s going to look like shit when it does. I feel very demoralised, disappointed and frustrated.”

An Independent journalist told Press Gazette they believed there “clearly is a pay gap” at the title, adding:“I think it’s disappointing because a lot of other media organisations have revealed their numbers.

“The Independent is quite liberal leaning and it seems at odds with the stories they write about.”

Another said staff had been “left in the dark” and management were “not being held accountable for the patently unfair system”

They added: “The whole situation is disappointingly predictable: there is a behind-closed-doors culture at The Independent.”

The Independent’s sister title at ESI Media, the Evening Standard, disclosed its 12.8 per cent gap yesterday.

Editor George Osborne said the company was “working hard to promote more women and create a diverse working culture”.



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  1. Good. They shouldn’t give in to the leftist bs narrative being pushed. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with pay differences between the genders as a whole. Pushing parity for its own sake is disgusting.

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