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How to pitch to: Electric!

The digital edition of Electric! was launched on 3 October 2008. Virgin Media’s entertainment magazine aims to bridge the gap between the print magazine, website and regular email newsletters sent to subscribers

Pitch to: Online articles to the web editor at Toby.bourne, and for the magazine, pitch to me, the editor, at Mark.Hooper@ or

Type of articles: If someone has an interesting idea then we’ll try and make it fit. The tone and character of the writing is almost more important than the subject matter. It has to reflect Virgin Media brand values: fun and young at heart but not too “wacky” and not derogatory.

Our readership is 25-55 but we try and bear in mind that it’s a family readership.

On what topics?: About the entertainment industry: TV, film, music and sport. We try not to do the predictable, though, so look at the subject matter and then say something different, more analytical.

How to pitch: By email.

Post-pitch: We are pretty good at replying to people, even if they’ve got the wrong end of the stick – we’ve all been there. But email again if you don’t hear anything after a week or so.

What will impress: An understanding of the tone and the readership.

What won’t impress: I think the worst thing is getting the impression that you’re just on a list.

Rates: A fairly good rate; it compares well with newsstand titles.

Images: If the freelance has a friendly PR that they can put us in contact with that’s great, but not necessary.