Graffiti on front page marks year of weekly Brum Post - Press Gazette

Graffiti on front page marks year of weekly Brum Post

The Birmingham post tomorrow marks a year since it went from daily to weekly with a front page image designed by Midlands-based graffiti artist Arron Bird.

Bird, who is also known as Temper, agreed to design the front cover to coincide with the launch of his ‘Lovely People’ installation at The Cube in Birmingham.

Post editor Alun Thorne said: ‘Like all good art I have no doubt that it will provoke quite a reaction.

‘I can’t think of an example of this being done before but we wanted to make a statement after a successful year as a weekly print title so we’re delighted that Temper has agreed to work with us on this project.

‘While the paper has remained true to its core values of delivering the best in business, news, culture and sport to its readers, there is no doubt that the paper has had to change to remain relevant in the 21st century.

‘The Post has always been about challenging perceptions and I believe this initiative does this in spades.”

The Post will be running a competition to win the original artwork.

The Birmingham Post recorded a debut weekly ABC sale of 13,221, only 60 per cent of which was paid for. This compares with a former daily circulation of 11,442.