Gardeners' World goes interactive

BBC Magazines has extended the Gardeners’ World brand and launched gardenersworld.com – a new website offering users interactive and multimedia contact.

Features of the site, edited by Abbie Fereday, will include daily blogs from experts, a forum for gardeners to share tips, specialised weather forecasts and a plant database.

Adam Pasco, editor of Gardeners’ World magazine, told Press Gazette that they have been developing an email reader club over the last couple of years, and this is the next step.

The site, launched on 12 September, whilst complimenting the BBC programme Gardeners World, is a commercial outlet and has been produced by BBC Magazines new media team, with Pasco overseeing the website alongside his day to day job of running the magazine.

Gardeners World magazine launched in 1991, with live events starting in 1992. A launch team worked on getting the website up and running, and Pasco says they are now looking to expand the Gardeners’ World team.

‘What we’re hoping to do in the fullness of time is develop a brand team here that will be producing a website – which has new daily content going live and the magazine, so our team will be growing by about three people in order to embrace the growing work load of gardener’s world.com alongside the magazine.”

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