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Gadget mag T3 reveals sales boost from digital edition

Gadget mag T3 today published is first ABC digital publications certificate revealing an average monthly circulation of 17,682 for its iPad edition.

It provides a significant boost to the print circulation which stood at 49,006 in the second half of last year, down 13.8 per cent year on year.

Sales of the paid-for digital edition have grown from 15,412 in February to 19,255 for the August edition.

The tablet version of the gadgets mag is distinct from the print version and also carries specific interactive advertising.

The new certificate from ABC recognises interactive versions of magazines (as distinct from PDF-based e-edition replicas of print titles).

Future group publishing director Nial Ferguson said: 'Tablet publishing is a huge opportunity and transparency is absolutely crucial.

'Publishers must not confuse commercial partners by combining numbers from print replica editions with essentially different interactive editions. ABC's Digital Publication Certificate for the first time delivers audited transparency for publishers and their partners.

'We're proud to be the first to produce this new ABC certificate for the interactive monthly edition of T3. Together with the issue by issue circulation breakdown, we are giving advertisers and agencies greater choice and greater knowledge of what they are getting.'