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Fred Goodwin under 'intense Parliamentary pressure' to drop super-injunction

The Daily Mail today claimed that former Royal Bank of Scotland chief executive Fred ‘The Shred’ Goodwin was under ‘intense Parliamentary pressure’to drop his super-injunction.

The paper said questions are now being asked about whether the privacy injunction is in any way related to the collapse of the bank.

Former Lib Dem Treasury spokesman Lord Oakeshott yesterday used his parliamentary privilege to ask that question. He said:

‘Sir Fred Goodwin’s private life is not of public interest. But if the super-injunction were to be revealed to cover up a failing of corporate governance at RBS it would be of enormous interest to every taxpayer in Britain, the people who had to pay for the bailout.”

Goodwin’s injunction was revealed by Lib Dem MP John Hemming last month.

In an accompanying  commentary piece on Andrew Marr lifting his injunction yesterday, columnist Carol Sarler claimed the ‘greater villain of the entire, tawdry piece’was Marr’s ex-mistress, adding:

And in this unedifying case it tells us that there really are women prepared not only to take down the man whom they believe spurned them, but also to spend years ripping the heart out of a wholly innocent family; victims, each of them, far more than her.

Meanwhile, the paper’s Ephraim Hardcastle column once again sailed close to the wind with an innuendo-laden piece hinting at the identities of other high-profile figures behind super-injunctions.



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