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February ABCs: Sunday Times reports circulation rise

The Sunday Times was the only Sunday paper to see a year-on-year increase in circulation figures last month, and also recorded the biggest rise in month-on-month sales.

The figures for February, released today by ABC, show the Sunday Times circulation has increased 0.66 per cent since last year, and 1.27 per cent since January.

The Times’s rival, the Independent on Sunday, saw the biggest fall in its circulation out of any national Sunday paper, with a drop of 21.28 per cent.

The Observer and The Sunday Telegraph also saw their figures slip, with year-on-year falls of 7.26 and 6.03 per cent respectively, despite achieving slight rises in circulation from January.

All of the Sunday tabloids have seen year-on-year falls, with the Sunday Mirror and The People down 9.07 and 10.46 per cent respectively.

The Daily Star Sunday reported the smallest decline out of the tabloids, with a fall of 1.74 per cent since last year, compared to the News of the World which was down almost eight per cent.

In the mid-market, the Sunday Express recorded a fall of almost six per cent since last year, with the Mail on Sunday down 0.85 per cent.

The Sunday Times, The Independent on Sunday, The Observer, and the Daily Star Sunday were the only Sunday papers to see month-on-month rises in their circulation figures in February.

ABC national Sunday newspaper circulation for February 2009
All percentage figures are on a year-on-year basis

Daily Star Sunday – 360,143 (down 1.74%)
News of the World – 3,019,928 (down 7.97%)
Sunday Mirror – 1,226,062 (down 9.07%)
The People – 585,527 (down 10.46%)

Sunday Express – 635,846 (down 5.96%)
The Mail on Sunday – 2,184,982 (down 0.85%)

Independent on Sunday – 179,487 (down 21.28%)
The Observer – 430,341 (down 7.26%)
The Sunday Telegraph – 595,029 (down 6.03%)
The Sunday Times – 1,214,254 (up 0.66%)