Comic mag Tripwire goes hardback for 20th

Comic, film and TV magazine Tripwire is hoping to mark its 20th anniversary with a one-off 200-page hardback edition crowd-funded via the Unbound website.

Tripwire, which was recently described as “the coolest magazine on the planet’by author Ian Rankin, is known for covering famous names in the infancy of their careers, publishing features, interviews and columns covering pop culture, comics, TV and film.

With the help of crowd-funding, the team behind the annual title hope to include art from genre and comic icons Mike Mignola (Hellboy), Drew Struzan (Shawshank Redemption, Indiana Jones), Duncan Fegredo, Frank Quitely, Walter Simonson, Chris Weston, Howard Chaykin and more

It will also reprint some of its most popular covers and interviews as decided by the readers, which are likely to include the likes of Alan Moore, Frank Miller, Peter Milligan and Guillermo Del Toro.

Joel Meadows, who has been editor-in-chief of Tripwire for 20 years, said: ‘The first edition of Tripwire happened because an ex-neighbour of mine, who was a fellow comic reader, said that there were no interesting magazines about comics.

‘So we put our first edition together through a local shop as a stapled black-and-white edition that was 24 pages.”

Meadows added: ‘It’s amazing to think that two decades after we first started the magazine we’re now looking at 20 years of Tripwire. The idea of having a fantastic, lavish hardcover book celebrating two decades of the magazine is a really exciting prospect.”

Unbound is a new way to get books published by involving readers, and was launched at the Hay Festival on 29 May 2011.

Using the publishing platform, authors pitch their book ideas directly to their readers.

When an idea has enough supporters, the book gets written – but if it doesn’t get enough support, it won’t.

Readers can sign up for a variety of different support options, from £10 to get a digital edition of the book to £250 for a personalised print edition with cover lines.

Click here to visit Tripwire’s Unbound page

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