CMS providers briefing: Polopoly by Atex

Polopoly is the system from Atex currently being used by Archant in Ipswich where the newsroom of the Evening Star is being merged with that of the East Anglian Daily Times.

Atex says that Polopoly is a system which is simple yet flexible and very powerful. It says that some of the most high-traffic websites in Europe have their roots in the Polopoly platform.

Polopoly ‘makes it possible to consolidate all content and customer management into one single hub, increasing operational efficiency, reducing overheads and providing a foundation for on-demand delivery of new digital services”, the company says.

As for the user interface, the part that journalists use, Atex says: “The user interface of Polopoly Content Manager gives you complete control of all your content, users and output channels.

‘Having worked in close collaboration with some of the most advanced and demanding digital publishers in the world from the very start, Polopoly has managed to create an interface that really can suit anyone.

‘We still adhere to our original credence; it must allow easy and rapid publishing without limiting more advanced users.”


Customers include the Cambridge Evening News, DC Thomson, the Scottish Daily Record, IPC Media.


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