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Beyond the Paywall tonight - Tweet your questions for the panel

It’s nearly been a year since The Times and Sunday Times put up their online paywall in what was seen at the time as a make-or-break move for the future of jourrnalism.

Press Gazette and City University have assembled an expert panel to discuss tonight what we’ve learned from the experiment, whether it has worked and where we go next in terms of finding a sustainable future for quality journalism in a digital media world.

Print circulations are plunging, free online readership is booming, and publishers are launching a plethora of new apps for iPads and mobile phones. What does it all mean for professional journalists who, like me, are keen to still be journalists in 30 years’ time?

The assembled panelists are: News International marketing bigwig Kate Vanneck-Smith, former News International paywall supremo Dominic Young, Guardian media editor Dan Sabbagh, Evening Standard editor Geordie Greig and Future Plc chief executive Stevie Spring.

The event starts at 7pm (the Oliver Thompson lecture theatyre, Northampton Square) with five minutes on the subject in hand from each of our speakers. Then it is open to questions. If you would like to suggest a question, please email me:, comment on this post or or use the Twitter hashtag #beyondpaywall.

To reserve a place at tonight’s event (which is free) click on this link.



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