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Around the world in more than 350 frames

For the past five years I have headed up a team at Reuters that focuses on enhancing the perception of news photography, and on broadening its outlets.

I joined Reuters from Magnum, where I was editor-in-chief of the Paris office for more than 10 years. My experience was working with the world’s top photographers on long-term, deeply narrative projects.

Arriving at Reuters, I was stunned with the quantity and the quality of the production. It seemed an immense treasure to be able to view 1,500 new images from around the world, every day. Not only was it a form of watching the world in real time, but the output summed up something much deeper than just a combination of breaking-news moments. The photographers were recording history as it unfolded, and they were clearly conveying a broad sense of our time, combined with strong emotion.

This was the starting point for Reuters new collection of pictures, called Our World Now, which draws on Reuters unparalleled resources to document a year in the life of our beautiful, vibrant and troubled planet.

Our World Now invites the viewer to cherish memories of the present by presenting a universal picture of contemporary life, and to become a collector, as this is the first volume in a series of books that Reuters will publish every year – an indispensable record of our era.

There are more than 350 photographs in Our World Now, all very different. The images range from breaking-news photography, the environment, entertainment, and politics, to rich atmospheric imagery, all of which set moods.

Our World Now costs £10 and is published by Thames & Hudson