Alastair Campbell to Kelvin MacKenzie: '...buyer's remorse, you should feel totally f***ing ashamed'

Former Sun editor and columnist Kelvin MacKenzie has revealed how Alastair Campbell sent him an expletive-filled email after he told readers he had “buyer’s remorse” after voting for Brexit.

Mackenzie published the complete email, which among other things revealed former Tony Blair spin doctor Campbell’s disdain for News UK proprietor Rupert Murdoch.

He said: “Never mind buyer’s remorse, you should feel totally fucking ashamed to have been for so long part of a giant propaganda machine which has helped the country make a potentially self-destructive decision that future generations will have to live with when you and I are long gone.

“Murdoch has been a complete poison in our national life and you have helped so much. And because you are well sorted it will not hit you nearly as hard as those you and yours have persuaded to make the decision they did. But hey it’s all a bit of fun, eh? Fuck off.”

MacKenzie used his column to level his own attack on Campbell, who was part of the Labour government during the Iraq war and later joined public relations company Portland in 2012 in a senior part-time role.

He said: “Campbell’s No 10 PR machine was a disgrace, where he would call up the dim-witted Sun Editor David Yelland and dictate (sometimes successfully) what the editorial should be.

“These days Mr Campbell is not fussy how he makes his money.

“Still living off Blair, he offers PR advice to dictators like the evil Kazakhstan President who kills and tortures at will.

“Plus he’s on the lucrative speaking circuit, where I imagine his most interesting address was: How I helped send dozens of our Brave Boys to their deaths in the Middle East.

“Campbell and his like hated seeing the will of the people triumph in the Referendum.”



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1 thought on “Alastair Campbell to Kelvin MacKenzie: '...buyer's remorse, you should feel totally f***ing ashamed'”

  1. “Perhaps his best one was the dossier he helped put together which said Saddam Hussein had a nuclear weapon” – said Kelvin Mackenzie in the Sun. The dossier never said Saddam Hussein had a nuclear weapon. It said Saddam Hussein was pursuing as nuclear weapons capability (which he was)

    This is why the press can’t be trusted to regulate themselves. You can’t be trusted.

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