June ABCs: All national titles down year on year except for i

Every daily and Sunday national newspaper dropped circulation year on year in June except for the i.

Aside from the i, which now has an average daily circulation of 303,009 (up 11.16 per cent year on year), the next best performers were The Times (down 2.29 per cent year on year to 390,941) and Daily Mirror (down 3.94 per cent year on year to 1,038,753). The i circulation includes 65,003 bulk copies.

Looking at the month on month comparisons, nine national titles increased their sale in June.

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The Daily Mirror was again ahead of The Sun in both year-on-year and month-on-month decline. 

Daily Mirror editor Lloyd Embley said: "For the first six months of the year the Mirror has been the best performer in the market. We have led the news agenda with a number of world-class scoops, including the story of George Osborne parking in a disabled bay, our inside North Korea footage and, of course, our exclusive of the police apprehending the Woolwich terror suspects.    

"We have also campaigned hard against the coalition cuts and we continue to highlight the ills of this government. In these harsh times our readers know that the Mirror stands shoulder to shoulder with them."     


Name of title: average circulation, year-on-year change, month-on-month change

Daily Mirror: 1,038,753,  down 3.94 per cent, down 0.24 per cent

Daily Record: 252,626, down 9.56 per cent, down 1.02 per cent

Daily Star: 540,849, down 10.2 per cent, up 1.13 per cent

The Sun: 2,243,903, down 13.15 per cent, down 1.12 per cent

Daily Express: 522,264, down 13.31 per cent, down 0.57 per cent

Daily Mail: 1,806,569, down 6.86 per cent, up 1.06 per cent

The Daily Telegraph: 547,106, down 4.63 per cent, up 0.28 per cent

Financial Times: 258,488, down 13.03 per cent, up 0.71 per cent

The Guardian: 187,000, down 11.59 per cent, down 2.79 per cent

i: 303,009, up 11.16 per cent, down 1.16 per cent

The Independent: 73,060, down 18.82 per cent, down 2.7 per cent

The Times: 390,941, down 2.29 per cent, down 1.02 per cent


Name of title: average circulation, year-on-year change, month-on-month change

Daily Star Sunday: 335,864, down 29.05 per cent, up 1.88 per cent

The Sun (Sunday):1,875,220, down 14.37 per cent, up 0.39 per cent

Sunday Mail: 284,051, down 9.45 per cent, down 1.62 per cent

Sunday Mirror:1,036,542, down 4.68 per cent, up 0.81 per cent

Sunday People: 415,075, down 7.78 per cent, down 0.11 per cent

Sunday Express:455,901, down 11.10 per cent, down 1.49 per cent

Sunday Post: 244,257, down 12.49 per cent, up 5.10 per cent

The Mail on Sunday: 1,638,049, down 10.21 per cent, down 2.5 per cent

Independent on Sunday: 111,986 down 8.65 per cent, down 0.97 per cent

The Observer: 212,376, down 12.94 per cent, down 4.65 per cent

The Sunday Telegraph: 422,590, down 6.15 per cent, up 0.44 per cent

The Sunday Times: 840,201, down 8.27 per cent, down 0.31 per cent

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