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45 per cent make grade as senior reporters in NCE exam

Only 48 out of 107 candidates passed the National Council for the Training of Journalists NCE test to make the grade as senior reporters in the March sitting of the exam.

Chief examiner Steve Nelson said that ‘silly errors cost some candidates dearly”, but he added: ” a classic news report scenario brought out the best from more than a few candidates, continuing a strong pass rate. There were encouraging signs, too, among the logbook entries and there were clear signs of guidance in the office – something that was shown to be lacking previously.”

The NCE test comprises a day of exams testing candidates’ skills at the news interview, at writing a news report of a speech, their knowledge of newspaper practice and law and there is also assessment of a portfolio of published work.

  • Emma Preston from the North West Evening Mail won the Ted Bottomley Award, sponsored by Midland News Association, for her newspaper practice exam.
  • Megan French, who trained at the University of Sheffield and now works at the Braintree and Witham Times, won the Esso Award for her performance in the news report.
  • Dan Bloom of the Medway Messenger, won the Society of Editors’ Award for his news interview.
  • Daniel John Sanderson of the Scarborough Evening News received the Newsquest Award for his logbook.

The following candidates passed the NCE certificate for senior reporters at the March 2012 sitting:

  • Winnie Osayi Agbonlahor, Nottingham Evening Post
  • Hannah Bargery, Warrington Guardian
  • Kirsty Beaton, Falkirk Herald
  • Dan Bloom, Medway Messenger
  • Tom Bristow, Eastern Daily Press
  • Laura Anne Burge, The Comet
  • James Cox, Daily Gazette
  • Scott D’Arcy, Swindon Advertiser
  • Matthew Dannatt, Grimsby Telegraph
  • Helen Davies, The Leader
  • Amy De-Keyzer, Kent & Sussex Courier
  • Timothy Dickens, Ilford Recorder
  • Emma Dunn, Swindon Advertiser
  • Benjamin Endley, Surrey Advertiser
  • David Alexander Farbrother, Surrey Mirror
  • Jade Lynne Farrington, Cornish Gazette
  • Megan French, Braintree & Witham Times
  • Jayne Garfitt, Nottingham Evening Post
  • Robert Golledge, Western Gazette
  • Adam John Grinsell, MK News
  • Toby Higgins, Halifax Evening Courier
  • Amy Hirst, Ilkeston Advertiser
  • Matthew Hobbs, Warrington Guardian
  • Rachel Hovenden, Kent Messenger, Gravesend
  • Nicola Jarvis, Freelance
  • William Lodge, Daily Gazette
  • Michelle Sarah Macleod, Stornoway Gazette
  • Harriet Marsh, Daily Echo
  • Tom Marshall, Islington Gazette
  • Jennifer Meierhans, Kidderminster Shuttle
  • Jennifer Moody, Uttoxeter Advertiser
  • Hugh Morris, Archant (Anglia)
  • Jennifer Newton, Arbroath Herald
  • Laura Niblett-Roberts, Herts Advertiser
  • Kaye Nicolson, Press and Journal (Aberdeen)
  • Joseph Michael Nimmo, The News, Portsmouth
  • Laura Paterson, Press and Journal (Aberdeen)
  • Bethan Phillips, Southern Daily Echo
  • Emma Preston, North West Evening Mail
  • Samuel John Russell, Great Yarmouth Mercury
  • Daniel John Sanderson, Scarborough Evening News
  • Robert Setchell, Cambridgeshire Times
  • Michael Jeffrey Sims, Folkestone Herald
  • Lowri Stafford, Courier Newspapers
  • Joshua Taylor, Burton Daily Mail
  • Samuel Walker, South West News
  • Nicholas Webster, Western Gazette
  • Abigail Woodcock, News Shopper

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3 thoughts on “45 per cent make grade as senior reporters in NCE exam”

  1. You took the words out of my mouth Amanda. Spot on. In my opinion the NCTJ is a racket which demoralises good young journalists and causes them to leave the profession. How much talent has the industry lost because of it?

  2. I’m one of the March 2012 NCE cohort that failed.  I work for a very, very good paper that simply doesn’t have the time, money or resources to invest in its trainee reporters.  My personal bill (so far, for a first timer) is around £1,000, to register with the NCTJ and to sit the exam.  I’ve also just paid £40 for feedback to see what went so horribly wrong, and I’ll have to pay more for the resits.  I want to continue my career as a reporter but I’m already low on confidence and wondering if this is worth it.

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