Zimbabwean launches subscription drive to challenge anti-media laws

The Zimbabwean, the UK-based newspaper which aims to report the news
suppressed by President Mugabe’s clampdown on the free press, has begun
a new subscription drive.

Edited by former Daily News journalist
Wilf Mbanga the paper was launched four months ago. It is published and
distributed in both the UK and South Africa, and to subscribers

The paper is sent into Zimbabwe via South Africa and does not have to be registered under Zimbabwe’s notorious anti-media laws.

said: “Despite much sabre-rattling from Harare [Zimbabwe’s capital] we
are still selling out in Zimbabwe itself every Friday – and have upped
the number going into the country by 15,000 a week.

“We are more
and more convinced of the importance of what we are doing in giving
voice to alternative news, views and opinions from Zimbabweans.”

wants to expand its distribution outside Zimbabwe as much as possible
and is appealing for those who support his cause to take out

Mbanga said: “For every subscription taken out abroad, we can get 100 more newspapers into Zimbabwe.”

Subscriptions can be placed online at www.thezimbabwean.co.uk

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