YouTube deal finally makes Al Jazeera English available in the US

The new English language version of Al Jazeera has finally found an outlet in the United States. It has signed a deal with YouTube which will carry the Qatar-based news channel.

One reason that Al Jazeera had difficulty securing a cable outlet in the US – despite signing up several top-name journalists including David Frost – was accusations that it was spreading anti-American and anti-Israel propaganda.

On YouTube Al Jazeera will be known as a "branded channel" – putting it in the same category as the National Hockey League and Capitol Records, which use the website to promote their products. A spokesman for Al Jazeera, Russell Merryman, who is in charge of the company's news service and website, said the deal with YouTube offers an opportunity for "people from all around the world to broadcast and express themselves by sharing videos in a safe and lawful manner".

The YouTube channel will run segments from such Al Jazeera English language shows as "Frost All Over the World", "Inside Iraq" a debate-style show that originates in Baghdad, a show hosted by Riz Khan, a former BBC and CNN journalist and a programme about the UN called "Political Bytes" hosted by UN correspondent Mark Seddon.

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