Yorkshire Evening Post's 'ghost' editor

I shall resist the usual Mark Twain quote but it came as quite a
shock to discover in your paper that I have not been the editor of the
Yorkshire Evening Post for the past 20 months (Press Gazette, ‘Review
of the Year’, September and October).

I must admit that I
wondered why Rachael Campey and, more recently, Peter Charlton, sat in
my office each day looking at me strangely.

I just thought they were being overfriendly.

Peter in particular causes me problems when he tries to share the same chair.

worryingly, my wife is now asking where I have been going at 6.45am
every morning and the MD has asked me for all the money back for the
various social and charity functions I have attended in a ‘bogus’
capacity during that time.

Unfortunately I have to go now as Peter wants to take conference and it gives me cramp if he sits on my knee for too long.

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