Yobs rule ok

Islington Gazette dedicated the first 11 pages of the paper to
highlight the rise in anti-social behaviour on local housing estates.

a special issue under the banner “Yobs Rule…OK?”, it reported on the
theft, vandalism and intimidation that is rife in the London borough
and what was being done to prevent it.

Gazette editor Tony
Allcock said: “We have produced this special issue in response to our
readers’ concerns. Complaints of antisocial behaviour make up a large
percentage of the calls we receive each week.

“And when those on
the frontline – police officers, youth workers and, above all,
residents – tell us teenage anti-social behaviour has never been this
bad, we have to listen. Much of what we have uncovered makes
uncomfortable reading. But ignoring the problem will not solve it.”

The Archant paper has produced a similar issue in the past investigating the local sex trade.

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