Yellow Advertiser to print good news only for a week

The Yellow Advertiser series of free weekly newspapers in East London and Essex will ignore “murders, fires, and accidents”‘ next week to print good news only.

Editor Greg Fidgeon said the media had become a “harbinger of doom”.

He said instead of “murders, fires, accidents, redundancies, and failing schools” the paper would focus on “investment in schools, scores of new jobs, and miraculous recoveries from illness”.

Bad news will be covered on the group’s website, www.yellowad.co.uk.

Fidgeon said: “We’ve had a miserable winter – the weather has been terrible, the recession is ongoing and much of the media has become just a harbinger of doom.

“While Yellow Advertiser always tries to err on the positive side of things whenever we can, we wanted to mark the official start of British Summer Time with nothing but good news.

“Of course, we cannot say bad news will not happen this week. But those wishing to read it will have to do so on our website because it will not appear in print.

“Our newspapers will focus on stories that make people feel happy, inspired and more positive.

“As far as we’re aware, this have never been done before and we’re hoping our readers will enjoy the stories just as much as we’ve enjoyed finding them.”

The good newspapers will be published next Wednesday and Thursday.

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