World of Interiors royal exclusive

The World of Interiors readers have been given an exclusive look at Clarence House, Prince Charles’ private residence, after he got the decorators in, writes Sarah Boden.

“It’s a huge scoop. Everyone is delighted,” said editor Rupert Thomas. “We’ve been in negotiation for some time. [Decorator] Robert Kyme is someone whose work we follow quite closely. We also have quite a good relationship with the Royal Collection, so it was a lot of hard work behind the scenes.”

Thomas was given the first choice of pictures from the shoot and has run them on the cover and over 10 pages. The remaining photographs have appeared in The Daily Telegraph. “They wanted it to be about the house and not Prince Charles,” he said. “But if it hadn’t been right we wouldn’t have done it. It’s by a very talented decorator so we had a great name. “It didn’t look like a pickled palace. It looks like somewhere that you’d think, ‘It would be nice to go home and watch TV on that comfy sofa and put your feet up’.”

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