Wirral staff travel from around the globe for party

Celebrations: Robarts, yellow tie, with the first double page spread

Former staff of the Wirral Globe held a massive reunion to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the award-winning free newspaper.

Aldie Robarts, the newspaper’s founder, former owner and managing director, hosted the evening and was joined by 118 former staffers, who had travelled from all over the country to attend.

“The turn out was remarkable,” said organiser Betty Drummond. “Staff from each department laughed and joked as they shared happy memories of the good times we had in the pioneering days of free newspapers. “The entire original telephone sales team met for the first time in 30 years. It was fantastic to think that the little 12-page title we launched all those years ago is now one of the most successful free newspapers in the UK.”

Guest of honour was Bob Hicks, a lay preacher and former marketing manager for the Birkenhead Co-op. Hicks placed the first double-page spread in the Globe during the winter of 1973.

Partygoers were reminded of Hick’s method of checking the distribution efficiency of the Globe. He simply asked his congregation for a show of hands. When the entire congregation put their hands up to confirm they had received a copy of the Wirral Globe that week, with the exception of a couple visiting from outside the area, he realised he had found a way of reaching his target market that had never been open to him before.

While most guests had travelled from all areas of the UK, there were two former staff who made extra effort. Flying in from Australia was former sales executive, Cathy Robertson and all the way from the US came Sharon McConville.

The celebrations lasted well into the next morning with the words “You haven’t changed a bit” tripping off everyone’s lips.

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