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WinkBall launches video newswire service for UK publishers in spring 2018


WinkBall, the UK media brand, best known for its video reporters and event coverage, is launching a revolutionary new product that is set to change the way video content is created, financed and distributed.

The WinkBall Video Newswire has been designed to plug the gap in editorial production capacity created by the decline of the local and regional press.

Launching this month, the free newswire service will provide publishers with broadcast-quality video editorial to meet public demand for wider and more local coverage across all media platforms, but has proven too expensive for smaller publications to produce.

WinkBall mirrors any traditional media, broadcasting or publishing model by leveraging relevant editorial content production, business sponsors and distribution to the media industry as well as to the public.

However any other comparison with a traditional media business stops there. WinkBall has dumped the traditional ‘stringer’ freelancer model and instead has launched a membership scheme for professional videographers, editors and presenters and offers them unique access to its proprietary technology platform known as ‘WinkBall Video Newswire’.

Specialising in on-the-ground reporting, WinkBall covers events, business news, trade fairs, conferences, launches, cultural and sporting events as well as local news and features.

The Video Newswire leverages WinkBall’s growing network of presenters and videographers to provide broadcast-standard video reports for online and mobile platforms, providing high-quality, rich content via a state of the art video platform, designed to complement the editorial offerings of digital publishers nationwide.

The video report is at the heart of WinkBall’s editorial strategy. Typically it consists of a short three to four-minute video and is professionally filmed, edited and presented by a reporter and includes interviews, providing an experiential and atmospheric take on the story.

The ‘news style’ report provides a powerful means for sponsors to communicate with audiences via digital media, press and broadcast channels, providing the opportunity to ‘piggyback’ on exciting and relevant content without the use of cumbersome video advertisements or encroaching on editorial integrity.

In addition to the latest newsworthy video reports, publishers can choose from a selection of upcoming video coverage, buy stories exclusively or add sponsors and advertiser messages to reports. Event organisers, businesses, charities and other such clients can also commission reports.

WinkBall is also offering brands the chance to sponsor on-going campaigns, such as multiple gallery openings, a season of theatre premiers, university sports coverage or multiple music and cultural festivals. These can be wrapped in a neatly produced programme and presented regularly.

Dr James Ohene-Djan, co-founder of WinkBall and senior lecturer at Goldsmiths, University of London says: “In an ever-changing digital world, we wanted to create a solution to the decline in quality video reports for publishers as well as breathe life into on-the-ground reporting in the UK and globally.

“We are passionate about ‘local’ news and – especially – championing community stories and events with a cultural perspective.  We believe WinkBall Video Newswire to be the modern day answer to real, relevant reporting today.”

WinkBall brings an optimistic perspective to an industry that has struggled with its changing role since the dawn of the digital age.

By combining quality control and an emphasis on traditional skills, along with the speed of availability that its video newswire can offer, WinkBall promises to help bring about a renaissance in original digital news reporting.

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