Windsor Express marks 200 years in print

The Windsor Express has celebrated its 200th anniversary with a 12-page supplement.

And to mark the occasion reporter Francis Batt, who has worked for the title since 1978, was awarded a Royal Borough medal by the council.

The Windsor Express was launched by father and son Charles Knight senior and junior who published the first edition in Windsor on Saturday, 1 August, 1812.

At the beginning it also covered national news, and carried reports of the Napoleonic, Crimean and Boer wars, as well as the two World Wars.

A separate Slough Express was launched in 1920. The Slough and Windsor Express was bought by Baylis Media in 2008 and today has a free circulation of 40,000 a week with around 2,000 paid-for sales.

Editor Martin Trepte said: ‘For two centuries the Express has faithfully served its readers by chronicling the events, large and small that have shaped our culture, community and country. To historians the Express is a unique and invaluable record of everyday life, a picture of the social history – the values and small details – that makes us what we are.

‘But before something can become history, it first has to be today’s news and the Express is first and foremost a newspaper, whether in print or online. Every week its pages report the latest news – telling readers what is happening in their community, informing, shaping opinion and holding those in power and authority to account.

‘Reaching more than 84,000 readers every week, today’s Express continues to be a vital element in the glue that binds our community together.”

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