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Whitstable Times awash with stories

Reporters at the Whitstable Times were faced with floods when a large underground reservoir designed to drain surface water into the harbour failed to cope with torrential rain.

The Times office is situated in one of the worst-hit areas following a night of flash floods last week which left the town 2ft under water.

The team put together a five-page special edition, including interviews with distressed locals, firefighters, water companies and engineers at Canterbury city council.

Editor John Nurden said: “Most reporters would be content with rolling up their sleeves for a good story, but our reporters went one step further and rolled up their trousers.

There was the equivalent of a month’s rain in just four hours.

“It was flooded either side of our offices, but luckily we were a couple of feet higher up than the water.”

The paper is investigating whether the pumps in the reservoir had been working properly.