What about passion for human rights?

How can the NUJ even suggest such a debate? It constantly preaches
about human rights and its backing of the International Federation of
Journalists in such matters, where does this take it?

I was at
the Press Freedom Day in Belgrade last year, as was Aidan White,
general secretary of the IFJ, and I have an excellent publication
published by the IFJ on human rights reporting, which covers freedom of
expression and the media. Chris Wheal should be given a copy.

I could not believe my eyes when reading that “regulation is needed to keep out journalism’s charlatans”.

Have the NUJ members approved the four suggested options? I would certainly be interested to be invited to the debate.

I have been involved with the human rights of journalists for years and at the CIOJ we work with them all the time.

If the NUJ is looking for a closed shop then it could well affect its own members more than any one else.

I shall follow this with interest, but I am sure it will be pointed out that it is not what it is supposed to be promoting.

And it wasn’t even 1 April!

Mary Tomlinson CIOJ

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