Western Daily Press scores first David Laws interview - Press Gazette

Western Daily Press scores first David Laws interview

The Northcliffe-owned Western Daily Press has scored an impressive exclusive bagging the first interview with former chief secretary to the treasury David Laws since his resignation last week.

The Lib Dem MP, who was ‘outed’ as being gay after the Daily Telegraph revealed he was breaking expenses rules by claiming for rent paid to his partner, said: “The job as an MP is no less important to me than being in the Cabinet. I am sad that I have let down all these people in my constituency, particularly after being given such a huge mandate from them. I want to take time to sort these issues out. I will be listening to the people in my constituency to see what they think.

‘I need to make a judgement about what is right for the Yeovil constituency.  I also have to explain myself to people. It is a huge honour to represent tens of thousands of people and I am incredibly sad at having let down those people. I wouldn’t want to do this job if I didn’t have the support of the people.”



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