Western Daily Press campaigns to save post offices

The Western Daily Press is launching a campaign demanding urgent action by the Government to save the future of post offices.

Don't Sound the Last Post is hoping to reverse the decline of thousands of rural and urban offices across the county facing closure as funding is axed along with services.

The paper is calling on readers to save the "cornerstone of British life" by signing a petition asking the Government to take action.

The petition calls on the Government to reverse the decision to take away TV licences and other services from post offices as well as keeping the £150m Social Network Payments made to subsidise post offices.

It also suggests that the Government should keep the Post Office Card Account for the payment of pensions and benefits, or else provide an alternative and, finally, to invest more money into post offices.

WDP editor Andy Wright said: "We've been running a series, Serves You Right, aimed at persuading readers to recommend local shops as a way of helping small independent retailers, and post offices were by far the most recommended service.

"It brought home just how important the post office is, particularly to rural communities, and made us determined to fight to retain the services which remain."

An award-winning WDP campaign to stop the deterioration of post office services in 1999 resulted in three million signatures being presented to the Government and, among other things, persuaded it to set up the Post Office Card Account, which it is now threatening to axe.

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