Weekly newspaper to launch in Cleethorpes

Former Grimsby Telegraph deputy editor Nigel Lowther and former managing director at Grimsby and Scunthorpe Newspapers Mark Webb are launching a weekly newspaper in Cleethorpes.

The Cleethorpes Chronicle, which launches on 20 March, is in part a revival of the 19th century Cleethorpes Chronicle and Visitors’ List, which published between 1892 and 1894.

The launch of the paper in Grimsby will create nine full-time positions, five of which will be in editorial.

Lowther, who will edit the paper, said: ‘Cleethorpes and its surrounding villages are thriving. The vast majority of residents have a good quality of life, enriched by a healthy environment, good amenities and friendly locals.

‘This newspaper will reflect those positive attributes. Content will be key to its success.

‘We’d like the community it serves to play an active role. Each edition will be packed with names and faces. It will be a very traditional approach to reporting local news from what is a close-knit community.”

Managing director Webb added: ‘We have identified a clear gap in the market for a quality, editorially-led newspaper that comes out once-a-week.

‘National research has shown that strong weeklies are bucking the trend of falling newspaper sales.”

The Chronicle will be available every Thursday from newsagents at 45p.


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  1. No online photographic sales, no web news, no online classifieds, week old news? – is this a ‘fuddy duddies’ newspaper?

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